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To get the tape started, I used the tip of a pointy knife and dug under the very edge. And one more TIP: if there are any leaks of paint on the glass, use the edge of a razor blade (or knife) and carefully scrape the paint off the glass. Now, if your chandelier has candle sockets……chances are, they are dirty and melted like mine. So I lined them up and cut the extra length off the old one ()……and then slid that over the light socket first and then put the newer clean one on top of that.

It adhered right away to that slippery brass……only took 2 coats.My house never seems to get put back together unless I have family members coming in to visit. PT is reading this, simulating his own version of a bobble head! Push came to shove B’s last week home before heading back to school. I put him to work, swapping out an outside spot light that only had one light socket that worked, and fixing a light in our storage room. I think our house is traditional in nature, but I kept gravitating towards the contemporary style…..However, I would definitely sand the rough surfaces of outdoor fixtures that have been a little damaged due to weather.But these fixtures turned out great without sanding first.

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