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Note: Are you looking to upgrade My SQL on a Liquid Web Core Managed or Fully Managed server? If you’re looking for ways to improve the performance of your VPS, check out our blog on Optimizing Your VPS! Change a Password for My SQL on Linux via Command Line II.Create a My SQL Database on Linux via Command Line III. Grant Permission to a My SQL User on Linux via Command Line III.There are two quick checks you can do from the Extension Manager. It checks that your database is up to date with your Joomla! Navigate to Extension Manager In this case, press the Fix button in the upper right corner.Joomla will update your database to correct the issues listed and then it will re-display the screen. If any errors still exist make sure all the database tables are checked in.There can be some pretty staggering differences between My SQL versions, so knowing which version you’re working with is important.Learn here how, to check the version of My SQL your server is using!

The following example will update the tutorial_title field for a record having the tutorial_id as 3.How to repeat: updating Windows 10 Enterprise to version 1803.Same problem, it doesn't show available connections.Caching may cause not detecting an available update, purge cache.After an update, it is a good idea to clear your browser cache and check your site to make sure the update was successful.

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