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Yet that drive works in the other USB ports on your computer. This is one of those computer issues that happens so rarely, we tend to blame the USB drive itself; just plug it in somewhere else and carry on.However, USB devices are still on the rise in popularity and show no signs of slowing down.It’s a good idea to do this on any computer that always has power to it, such as a server or desktop computer. This is seen very often in laptops, where the user will pack up the laptop and not disconnect the USB Flash Drive. We have an excellent article on laptop repair Laptops tend to have a rather short lifetime.You might not want to do this with your laptop, but if you do, you’ll be able to turn it on again easily. They are outdated within weeks of being released, they are notoriously hard to upgrade or repair, and by nature they are subject to gradual decay or fatal... Here’s a great video on exactly how to do so: If you are handy with a soldering iron, you can dismantle your laptop and try to re-solder the connections.Often EVO's policies are adopted at smaller tournaments.

Now, via latest device firmware update, you can use the PS3/PC Zero Delay USB Encoder PCB: Japan Style Controls or PS3/PC Zero Delay USB Encoder PCB: American Style Controls with this device to play on the Sony PS4 or PS4 Pro!To get to the Registry Editor, click on Start and then enter regedit in the Search box and hit your Enter key. It looks like this, if you haven’t seen it before: Navigate to the Disable Selective Suspend key by clicking on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, then SYSTEM, then Current Control Set, then services, then USB. I only recommend this for people who have fairly extensive experience with soldering components on a circuit board.Where it says Disable Selective Suspend in the right-hand window, right-click and click Modify. This will disable the selective suspend feature and power will go to your USB ports constantly. You could really mess things up if you’re not proficient at soldering.If that’s the case, then it would appear that your port is dead. To apply the setting, you may need to restart your computer. If it’s still not working, it may very well be a hardware issue.You can disable the USB Selective Suspend Feature through a registry key. USB ports are pretty fragile and USB Flash Drives can act as levers on them, wreaking havoc on the electrical connectors inside.

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