Updating the video card

For the video cards we will be testing the full range of current Ge Force GTX cards as well as the three most popular Quadro card for Solidworks.

In the chart above we listed both an estimate price for the card as well as the peak theoretical floating point performance (which is single precision) so it will be very interesting to see if the driver and firmware differences between the cards makes Quadro faster than it's rough performance equivalent.

This is absolutely something we don't recommend doing if you are using Solidworks professionally, but it will help us determine the full performance differences between Quadro and Ge Force cards.Currently, Solidworks officially supports NVIDIA Quadro and AMD Fire Pro discrete video cards so if you want to use a supported card (which we highly recommend doing) you will need to use a workstation-class GPU.However, if you are a student learning Solidworks or otherwise unable to use a Quadro card, it is entirely possible to use a Ge Force or Radeon card instead.With just the "Shaded" view mode the Ge Force cards did O. although without Real View not even the most expensive Ge Force card was any better than even a low-end Quadro.With Real View on the lower end Ge Force cards were actually a bit better than the Quadro K620.

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