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For Removing More than one database records, follow the code example below: To edit data, simply first, we will have to retrieve the objects(rows) and make changes to them wherever needed.

Then just use the ‘Submit Changes’ method to commit the changes to database.

Sometime, while writing comparatively big linq to sql query, you might be interested to see what kind of resultant sql query is actually generated for a specific kind of operations.

This will be helpful for debugging purpose and also to learn/know more about original sql syntax.

These will cover writing and executing ‘Update’/’Insert’/’Delete’ query in the proper way.

Please use the database structure given below, if you want to try the following examples directly.

After clicking the Add button the Context Data file is created.

Now we should drag all the tables onto the left-hand side of the designer and save (as shown in the following figure).

So, here it’s automatically reflecting when we made change in the ‘n USer’ Object.

Here is a simple code example below which will change a single row:(There is no difference between this and changing multiple row only need to retrieve multiple objects and change them) You will notice an interesting thing here, we didn’t have to use any extra method to tell Data Context object to notify the changes like ‘Insert On Submit’ or ‘Delete On Submit’ methods before .

We don’t have to, because the Data Context object keeps track of all objects it is containing in a time frame(after we retrieving them).

That articles also covered for creating select query for retrieving both single and multiple results.

Today, in this tutorial, I will try to give some more examples on other types of database operations, that writes/updates the database.

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