Updating virus signatures on ubcd

When you first run the application you might notice it's not your ordinary two-click recovery solution.The application comes packed with an abundance of tools that give you the possibility to analyze binary data for both FAT and NTFS file systems.I'm starting to ook into more live cd's, very cool stuff.My project computer is taking a little time, but I have the recue CD running right now. I've already put a new drive and reinstalled everything on that drive (I think the old drive is failing), but I'm running the AV on the old one to make sure there are no hidden virus' before I move anything to the new drive.I was running AVG Free on both of them, but I don't really care which AV I would use for this at first.

Check out the F-Secure Rescue CD: It meets many of your mentioned requirements above - is Linux based, uses Kaspersky scanning engine/signatures, is available free for personal use and is included on the CD of the commercial AV package if you decide to buy a Windows product.

This is by far the quickest and most reliable method. Updates aren't stored or left on the HD - no idea where they go, the whole process is totally automatic.

But this rescue CD is a great addition to the mobile workers toolkit Hope that helps Wow, that is was talking about! The only thing you have to do is select which partitions from a list you want to scan.

Strange I know but how can I go about deliberatly infecting myself with the latest and greatest viruseses?

Confused of St Albans I haven't seen that you need anything more than MBAM to get rid of MOST malware.

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Seems a bit hit and mis, with combos of Malwarebytes, Spy Bot, AVG etc. Best way seems to be to remove drive and as a slave drive run scans then boot it up and scan again.

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