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If there are blocks it is unable to pick up, the grab will fail.A mid-sized, lore friendly home located near Whiterun for you, or with family and followers. Inspiration for Elysium Estate: Belda Elysium Other inspirations include Darkfox127, Rayek, Elianora, and Lakeside Hideaway.If I don't list the mod you are concerned about, try loading Elysium Estate before or after the mod. But some people still prefer it, so here is some information Located southwest of Whiterun, Elysium Estate is locked upon arrival.You must go to the garden (to the right of the front door) and harvest the key from the shrine.In order to get this, you must be lucky (or unlucky) enough to be struck by lightning with a Gravity Gun in your inventory.The supercharged Gravity Gun, although unstable, is a much stronger version of the Gravity Gun and is able to pick up multiple blocks.

When you are satisfied with the grab radius, release the primary button and the Gravity Gun will attempt to pick up the blocks.

For example, 9 monitors in a 3x3 grid each monitor taking the same size as a block making the 3x3 grid allowing players to view from 9 camera areas.

And being able to monitor all 9 monitors at the same time.:) : P Question: Can you put the monitor on the wall and view the monitor while its on the wall.

The secondary button does the opposite, and pulls in and grabs entities or certain blocks, depending on the configs.

There is also a supercharged version of the Gravity Gun.

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