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In this article we will imagine a situation when a webmaster wishes to make a whole website compliant with regards to web standards (valid (X)HTML, valid CSS, etc.).This article describes the usual ways to approach this problem, as well as suggesting a painless approach using a new tool developed by W3C's QA activity.However, the method you choose to update determines how many resources you'll need to dedicate, and the way you will dedicate them.There are two typical ways to make an existing Web site standards compliant: start completely over (the wrong way), or manually validate each page (the hard way).There might be no perfect way to fix a whole site, but some are better, or easier, than others.Using tools introduced below, we will explain a relatively easy method that we believe is good.However in addition to the cost of a full redesign, rewrite and debug of the site, trying to fix things by beginning over may create more problems, starting with broken links.

But deciding how to convert an existing site to a standards-compliant format is a difficult decision.

Of course, like every project this cleaning project needs limits and deadlines.

One limit you can set before starting the project is : "what is the acceptable invalid ratio for my site?

This approach has a lot of advantages, and does not include any specific risk as did the previous method.

However, especially for sites with thousands of documents, it requires an incredible amount of work and can't be achieved, if at all, without an excellent organization. " is, itself, a tricky question when it comes to checking a full site.

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This method has, unfortunately, its limits: it is best used with static content, or dynamic/generated content if you have control over the templates.

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