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"As your consultant I will provide personalized service for each member of your team so they learn how to work together and with computer systems to maximize productivity.I will promote your education and experience so that your company is compliant with regulatory requirements and is self-sufficient." – David Nettleton …consider that David Nettleton has completed more than 240 software validation projects working step by step with the people that actually use the software.Both kinds of validation cannot be supported here within this forum for sure of cause of the above mentioned reasons. We have risk analysis of design decisions (FS - functional specifications) and have a results of testing of them (end users do it) in a test environment.For computerized system validation you should invest into ISPES GAMP 5 which is a pretty good start point to get an idea about the effort you have to do. Another point is also creation of the related SOPs as part of your quality management system describing how you perform these activities. Can we consider this results as a results of validation of SAP (as a results of OQ)? Isn’t that why you bought the computer system in the first place? I need your help in starting Computer system validation in my company. Develop a Master Validation Plan to establish how you approach validation at your company / site.I do NOT receive any royalties or compensation for sales. If you want to do it by your own, you will need a long time to get your systems validated.

The result is increased employee efficiency and your company is now more productive.The next step is to develop a Validation Plan for the system.This describes how your approach to validation complies with your Master Validation Plan while outlining specifics for the SAP validation. So part of the Master Validation Plan would be an approach to assess (and document! I would presume that if you had a failure in the SAP system, there would be a quality impact so it’s likely you’ll WANT to validate it for your use. Please bear in mind that you will also be expected to be qualified to perform these actions.Hope this helped a little bit and wasn Hi everyone! The problem is: Some years ago parent company was implemented the SAP system on our company and fulfilled validation for it (protocols and reports not transferred for us). For every 1,000 births, by age 50, women outnumber men 954 to 920, according to a 2009 U.

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It could well be anything from no action required (justified) to a full recall.

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  1. She received a BA from Cornell University in 1950, an MA from Michigan State University in 1971, and a Ph. Twenty years later, after raising two children, she returned to CCE working first in Schuyler and later Cortland counties.