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Question 1: What is the phone number for Nordstrom, Inc. I called and asked if they could offer me free shipping on my next order to compensate for the comedy of errors encountered to promote good customer relations. I cannot see ever shopping with Nordstrom Rack online again.

The East Palo Nordstrom Rack was an extremely bad experience, compounded by the rude treatment (and homophobic remarks) I received from store manger “Devin”.

Since I will never shop at Nordstrom again, I took the cards to my local Nordstrom and asked for the cash back.

At first they said “no, you have to buy something.” I held my ground and asked for the manager.

I look forward to your response at your opportune convenience, Thanks in advance for time and attention in this matter.

Sincerely, Cosby Sharmayne Reply A few weeks ago I met my daughter at our half-way spot— Annapolis Mall for lunch .. We were surprised to see yellow crime-like tape surrounding certain departments.

After lunch we inquired as to the meaning of the cordoned areas.

Reply First of all for you to go into a store and BLATENTLY DISRESPECT people who have nothing to do with your minor inconvenience is appalling.

She tried to give me the same line and was not particularly friendly.

I said “look, your management decided to get political and disrespect your customer base, therefore I demand cash back on these cards now.” As other people were around the customer service desk, I don’t think she wanted to draw attention to what was going on so she capitulated. After being a loyal customer of over 20 years I wanted to return my gift cards and even called headquarters at the counter. Erica stated “We stand behind our Nordstrom people”.

th Reply Dear Blake Nordstorm, I am writing in regards to a terrible experience I encountered at your Beechwood Nordstorm Store on Sept 10,2017.

I was embarrassed and totally disrespected by Jaymie in the women’s shoe department.

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I brought back everything in original bags and hangers along with all the paperwork. I explained that I had been told the opposite over the phone and the store manager “Devin” rudely said he wouldn’t honor it and tried to blame one of his employees. Then upon leaving the store, I discovered that my keys had fallen out of my pocket in the dressing room, and over a period of twenty minutes someone had stolen them.

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