Warning signs you re dating loser

Too chummy too soon It's one thing to feel chemistry with someone when you first meet, but be careful -- con artists and sociopaths are skilled at seduction.

Be especially wary if someone asks a lot of questions about your past relationships or sexual practices, and if your date wants to get too close or keeps touching you in ways that make you feel uncomfortable, don't hesitate to call a cab and go home.

He might pressure you to drink with him, and even order a drink for you when you've said no. Order a soft drink for yourself or sip a glass of water.

And consider this -- a person whose drinking is way out of control may also have a problem controlling anger or jealousy, too.

Rohypnol, a sleeping aid not legally available in the United States, and gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB), a sedative that's prescribed to treat narcolepsy (a rare sleep disorder), are often used in date rape.

But make it with another couple, and don't let anyone who has been drinking drive you home.

Sometimes it can tell you what sort of person your date is attracted to, whether he or she is looking for a serious relationship, or has a history of brief serial relationships.

But if you notice that your date consistently blames past partners for relationship failures, that should be a red flag.

Stories that tell the tale The little stories and anecdotes your date tells can reveal a lot.

Are her stories full of jealous or catty observations about others? If your date's stories leave you feeling the slightest bit uncomfortable, that's a sign this date's not a good match for you, and you're better off moving on.

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