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Real life couldn’t compare to the selectivity available to me in pornography.Perhaps some porn-watching men have no preferences in body type.” Women who feel crushed by their husband’s use of pornography usually carry a sense of being “robbed.” Didn’t the vow to forsake all others involve more than just not sleeping around? Media glorifies and objectifies women’s bodies thus promoting unreal images of women, feeding male obsession with visual stimulation, and trivializing other mature features of a healthy sexual relationship.

One conceded: “.” However, among the women who personally had no problem with their husbands viewing of porn, many of them also acknowledged the need for openness and communication about the issue.From this perspective pornography has not harmed the marriage.However, when wives operate on different standards of sexuality and intimacy, standards that involve fidelity of the eyes and emotions, then a husband’s use of pornography contributes to a great loss of intimacy.For some the problem wasn’t the pornography but the secrecy about it.Other wives commented about how they dislike their husbands viewing pornography. One writes: “W” Many saw the viewing of pornography as a serious issue.

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