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It creates a "taste profile" of you and people like you, which combine with topic-specific questions to deliver a hunch just for you.We'll get to know the user in the simplest possible way, then help them make decisions." Currently, the site is being developed and has around 200 invited users – the idea is that the more people that use it, the better it will get.It's founders theorise that collective decision-making is superior to individual decision making. " and it asks you a series of questions and ascertains from the answer what cereal you are likely to prefer.

Users input information and the site software uses that content to make decisions.

Content is narrowed down by a specially created algorithm to cater specifically for the likes and preferences of the user, based on a profile of that the user provides.

The site is designed so that every time it's used, it learns something new.

If you want to know whether you could fight a bear and win without putting your life in danger, Hunch has the answer.

You can also find out if you are smarter than Sarah Palin (almost certainly) and discover what martial arts weapon is best for you. Answers was wearing a T-shirt printed with the words "I'm with stupid", the arrow on the apparel would be pointing to Answerbag.com, a repository of stupidity, stocked by stupid people answering stupid questions.

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While mankind waits for Hunch to shoulder responsibility for its decisions, there are other sites to turn to. Hot topics here include "can you remember what you had for dinner two days ago?

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