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:/ Log in to Reply There are many people of Northern/Central European descent with this look.Sandra looks like the same type as Sarah Palin (who has stronger features) or perhaps Julia Roberts, who are both of the same type of heritage (although less German than Sandra).Log in to Reply hmmm sandra bullock is very difficult to classify i live in germany, and yes germans are not only blue eyed blond haired people, more people in germany have brown eyes than green or blue. My whole family is from Germany and most of them have dark hair and eyes and some even have an olive tone to their skin, even the blondes tend to tan well…..there is such thing as stereo typing and you I am afraid, are just adding to a stereo type that is incorrect.there are a lot of germans with dark hair and dark eyes but i have never seen a girl or woman who looks like sandra bullock there might be native american blood in her veins, Log in to Reply Why do you say everyone in the world is mixed yet preach about how people are not “white-white” and how you cannot be “white-white” and be exotic? ” A Scandinavian, who come from a mixed background, by the way? Log in to Reply There are many dark complected Germans.Don’t forget that Kahn the warrior and his soldiers probably also left some of their DNA in Germany. Besides, no one is pure anything – Germany is a crossroads of Europe, with Roman and Celtic presence in the south and west, and Slavic, Uralic, and Turkic presence from the east, plus Romani Gypsies and Ashkenazi Jews.Hence, probably where some of that brown hair and brown eyes, and skin come from. Even a blond-haired, blue-eyed German from Berlin probably isn’t “pure” German, considered the region was originally Slavic Wendish territory. [: Log in to Reply People dont vote me down just for saying, i think she looks albanian. A lot of people keep saying that she’s claimed Albanian ancestry ect. ;) Log in to Reply why do all americans think that germans can only be blonde and blue-eyed??The confusion about her paternal ancestry may be because she made up the term “Alabamian” referring to her father’s geographic origins, which is close to Alabanian, which is obviously totally different.

Sources: Genealogies of Sandra Bullock – https://com of Sandra Bullock (focusing on her father’s side) – father on the 1930 U. Census – https:// record of Sandra’s paternal great-grandparents, Eli Albert Bullock and Mahala E.

So she kept arguing about it and made her arguments known in a tv interview.

It must be said that she has not being active in Albanian cause. Log in to Reply the name bullock is similar to BALLACK which is not rare in germany and this name is descended from poland, czechoslowakia but also the name bollock is not rare in germany, also from eastern europe Log in to Reply A lot of folks are looking at a horse and seeing a zebra.

Curl – https:// European gentiles and Jews apart is a game for mentally ill people to engage in. germans in the north, south, east and west look the same… Italian journalist and Bullock seem to be the same person in some photos QIVLowr4U8/UD5kz Vp6Ck I/AAAAAAAABQc/MYf1Ez Md Vn Q/s320/18681b_Gambero_ricettealtromondo_Log in to Reply Guys, Guys this is super SERIOUS!

Most Neo-Nazis are constantly suspicious and accuse countless European gentiles of being “Jews.” In fact anyone that isn’t tall, blonde, blue eyed and gorgeous, can be morphed into a “Jew” in the mind of a miscreant. just because that south germany is closer to italy than other parts doesn’t mean that the people look more mediterranean. Log in to Reply she looks quite like this Italian Swiss-born journalist in to Reply Zurer? we have to trust celebrities when they claim to be Albanian or of any ethnic heritage! I remember before Abigail Breslin was listed as Austrian Jewish she would cry saying why none of us believed her. hashtag celebrities feelings matter hashtag no more sad celebrities hashtag I am a happy person hashtag nice weather we’re having hashtag question mark damn lost post but ok copy and paste it thanks buddy Chat Conversation End Type a message…

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