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Once Phil makes it to the full twenty four hours, Bam and the crew feed him random concoctions of food.Don Vito also wins a bet by drinking an entire bottle of hot sauce.After Phil is dressed up to look like Elvis, he and April get remarried next to Raab and his Russian bride.At the party in their hotel room, April provokes a food fight with wedding cake after stuffing it into Don Vito's face as revenge for eating all of her wedding cake many years ago.Bam says he plans to take April, Phil, Don Vito and his friends out for a boating trip on the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania, but actually plans to leave April, Phil and Don Vito on Kohr island, about 250 metres (820 ft) away from Three Mile Island nuclear power plant.Once arriving, April becomes suspicious and decides to turn the tables on her son by leaving Bam and his friends on the island.

While they're away, Bam and his friends paint the kitchen and everything in it blue.Dressed in medieval armor, Bam & Co., including Compton Ass Terry riding atop an elephant, host a feast.When Don Vito's antics take their toll, Bam's grandmother, Lady Mum Mum, leaves the party claiming "this whole family is crazy!As soon as Phil & April hit the road, Bam and crew get to work converting the family home into an indoor/outdoor skate park, and invite some professional skaters over, including Tony Hawk and Bucky Lasek.Bam wants to see if Phil, who is obese, can go without food for twenty four hours.

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Catching this, April calls to warn Bam (who is at a Turbonegro concert) about Don Vito's actions and he decides to move the concert to his house, in the living room.

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