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The normally rough architecture of the venue in Via Fogazzaro in Milan, is transformed into a a grid, reinforcing the idea of a serial design.Numbers and symbols allude to geographic coordinates of remote locations.Printed piton ensembles, powers suits in neon colours, relaxed knits, but also track suits with newspaper print where the season’s motto “It’s Versace not Versachee!

Available in Woolrich flagship stores and distributed to the best multibrand stores in Europe, USA and Asia, the footwear collection can be purchased also trough their website.

Jessica and Krystal are the most popular sisters in Korea.

Together they’re staring in the new Fendi Peekaboo Bag campaign celebrating the 10th anniversary.

In the show notes Donatella Versace mentioned how this collection takes into account the free spirit of Versace’s men.

“These are men who do not care about the rules and that is exactly what it love: they have an opinion and make their own style choices”, hinting also to the various range of garments, inspired by many different kinds of masculinity.

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In 2017, she starred in the comedy drama “Wise Prison Life” and received good reviews for her performance.

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  1. Although their relationship is currently non-sexual, the divorced dad of grown children has been introduced to Smith’s friend and her daughter. “He’s definitely unique,” Smith says.

  2. This religion leapt later to China, Korea, Japan, Ceylon, Burma and Thailand to the extent that it is now said to comprise about 40 percent of the total world population.