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While working there, he covered the OJ Simpson murder case, the International War Crimes Tribune from the Netherlands and the assisted-suicide trails from Michigan of Dr. Dan, later on, joined NBC as a general assignment correspondent from 1997 to 1999.

During that period he was named Chief Legal Correspondent.

Abrams said his apartment has the feel of being a stand-alone house. Abrams said he is selling because his son is going to school on the Upper West Side, and because he wants to be closer to his offices further uptown.

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While he was reporting from NBC, Dan covered Bush v. Dan and his fellow correspondent Pete Williams were on the Supreme Court steps when the brochure was handed out and thus they became the first network correspondents to report the decision and the first network to air it live.

Then in 2001, Dan began working as a host in his own show September 2008, the 9 pm slot was occupied by host Rachel Maddow for Air America Radio.

His next site named The Mary Sue was launched in 2011.

Dan Abrams began his journalism career working as a reporter for Court TV.Dan later on 19 Dan Abrams has launched various news websites and has been successful in all the endeavors.His first news site was Mediaite which was launched in July 2009.Abrams Research, since its establishment, has been helping clients to develop their personal media strategies.Abrams announced in June 2010 that his organization would shift its focus by advertising businesses exclusively on digital media strategy as per the upcoming trend.

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