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“Only seven of the 400 films considered for this year’s Academy Awards can be considered diverse films.” The answer is more diverse filmmakers, but more importantly, more people of color giving in positions of power.“I don't think there's one person of color in Hollywood who can greenlight a film," Guy Aoki of the Media Action Network for Asian Americans recently said. film “Selma,” that was snubbed at last year’s Oscars, took nearly a decade to get the greenlight in Hollywood.“Even with these new rules, it’s going to be difficult as a person of color to get into the academy.

Thomas doesn’t have much hope the New Academy Award voting rules will help.Hollywood Foreign Press Association has recently donated million to the California State University, Northridge Cinema and Television Arts program.The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, the people behind the Academy Awards, is 1,000 times bigger than the HFPA and most of the members who vote for the Academy Awards are white men older than 60.He, like many other film students who go on to become successful, got a break from someone in the industry.“I don’t know how I feel about this now, but Bill Cosby is credited with giving a lot of people of color their breaks into the film industry,” Thomas said.

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You can blame the Motion Picture Academy all you want, but in reality we don’t have enough diversity of product.

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