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When the pst files are in the default location for Outlook 2007 and older (in C:\Users\username\App Data\Local\Microsoft\Outlook), you can quickly access the default PST location from Windows Explorer by pasting this line in Windows Explorer's address bar to jump to the folder.%localappdata%\Microsoft\Outlook You'll see a list of files in the Outlook folder. Note that Outlook needs to be closed to copy a pst that is in the active profile.

If you have 265KB PST files, they are empty and don't need to be moved.In this folder you'll have the NK2 (autocomplete nickname file, Outlook 2007), or autocomplete stream files (Outlook 2013/2016), SRS (send and receive settings), XML (navigation pane and account configuration), outlprnt (printer configuration) and OTM (VBA project files).If you are using macros, you'll need to move the VBA file.Outlook 2010 users with IMAP accounts can select Sent items and Deleted Items folders.(Outlook 2013 queries the IMAP server for the Sent and Deleted items folders to use, therefore you can't select the Sent and Deleted folders in More Settings.) General tab: Enter a Reply to Address, if using an address different from your account address on the first screen.

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