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I am having some difficulties for use this thread in my application. This will allow me not to write the same code above: Sometimes the total languages can be few dozens and that d be a lot of typing to hard code the loops like that.Is that possible pls and how Thanks Tag: While you can load native crash dumps into VS and debug them they will not allow you to see the managed code.Then cast that object to your object and make a function which will return the integer array taking the integer values.I would be able to help more if you could clarify the situation more clearly or if you could give the code snippet how you assign the value to View State.Session ;' line, it jumps to the catch block with the following error: I found another similar question on another site, with replies telling questioner to ensure they had all microsoft office components installed, in particular the Collaboration Data Objects component.I have done this with office pro , and it has not helped.You can specify a null reference before adding the schema to the Xml Schema Collection. Schema Namespace Validation Sample Class Sample Public Shared Sub Main() Dim tr As New Xml Text Reader("Head Count.xml") Dim vr As New Xml Validating Reader(tr) vr.

The following code example adds an XML Schema, Head Count.xsd, to the Xml Schema Collection and validates Head Xml Validating Reader' is obsolete Visual C 10 How to check if im able to rename a file in a directory? I found the following function to check if a file is being locked.The link is as follows: Xml Validating Reader' is obsolete Visual C 12 Storing data in registry regardless of program version Hi, Sometimes I used to store settings in registry.Hi Figo Fei, Thanks for your detailed explanation about the threading concept. Xml Validating Reader' is obsolete Visual C 14 how to parameter the name of the property of a variable I have this code for example: Text ; else if drp Default Language.It really helps me to learn about it and usage of threading. Text it will be something that looks like: S o my Suffix is not a litteral but a variable itself.

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