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Kenwood serial numbers issued from 1999 come in 2 formats.

The format used from 1999 until approximately August 2008 is numeric: First digit is the year code, add 1998 to get year. Next 2 digits are the month code starting with 01 which is April (begining of Japanese tax year).

The goal was to create a web page that was bandwidth friendly and basic in layout- even for a 14.4k modem.

As I recall, the c2 refers to the CPU and SW version. Also, Lot 00 seems always to go to the Japanese market and often Lots 01 and 02 too.

I will verify this by digging through my notes (or do it the easy way tomorrow; I'm ask my tech since he is a certified Yaesu plus the other service tech. I got the one of the first 80 FT-817s last year and it was Lot 03.

One really nice feature of the MP is that you can select what band plan you want from the 9-menu.

73 de Barry __________________________________________________________ All Yaesu radios (not just the MPs) use the following scheme for serial numbers: First digit = year manufactured ("7" = 1997) Second character = month manufactured, beginning with "C" for January, "D" for February, etc. If Menu item 9-8 shows February 1997, that's apparently when factory testing and alignment was completed.73, de Earl, K6SE ___________________________________________________________ Hello Jeff, here is the description for the two dates of the FT-1000MP Serial No: 7 N 250 078 The first number is year the radio was actually made (7=1997) The N is month made starting with January as C (N=December) The 250 is batch number (250=Batch 25) The 078 is serial number in that batch (078=78) Thus the HARDWARE, not the mods made after manufacture, for this FT-1000MP was manufactured in December 1997 and is serial number 78 in batch 25.

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